exofyloΤο νέο βιβλίο των Εκδόσεων Κουίντα "Ταξίδι στις Αόρατες Πόλεις" Αγγλική Version της συγγραφέως και ζωγράφου Βασιλικής Κάππα .I try to perceive the meaning. Inside me there is an imaginary room. I reside in it and secretly observe the world, like a writer. I'm on the street while I'm not. I feel that people are the same everywhere. I’ve come here to escape, yet suddenly people seem the same.
 This book is the result of an amazing meeting between two projects that gave me the opportunity to express the same idea in different forms. The first project is a series of paintings I’ve been working on for the last fifteen years, named “Invisible Cities”, since I was initially inspired by Italo Calvino. The second project is a film called “Take a Trip” directed by Christos N. Karakasis, and produced during the last two years. All filming took place in England and London is the city presented. I was asked to write a text that would be used in the film. As a writer I do not find it easy to write on a given subject, but this was not the case. It was about a city, and cities were always part of my thoughts as they used to be my main subject in another field of my interests; art